Sometimes a Rose is a Rose: Buck Mason

I want to let you all know that I’m writing this hopped up on Chaga and Lion’s Mane right now. I’ll get into why next article. But if things get a little weird, that might be why.

This guy might also be on some Lion’s Mane. He’s also wearing a shirt I bought.

I’ve stated this before, but I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. I don’t like thinking much about what I’m going to wear each day, or how it looks on me. I know t-shirts and jeans look fine, so I stick with that look. Some others take this sort of attitude to the extreme (see: Steve Jobs and the black turtleneck), and I don’t fault them for it; less time thinking about what to wear in the morning gets you on to bigger and better things.

However, the drawback is I never quite know when to replace my t-shirts and/or jeans. Earlier on in the life of this blog I explained I was down to 3 pairs of jeans, because I hadn’t replaced any of the jeans that had worn crotch holes, that I was forced to rid myself of. I have a similar issue with t-shirts: I have some shirts that are over 10 years old, that I still wear regularly. I’m not sure that I should.

I have shirts with bleach stains, and others with holes in the collar. I say that I’ll use them as gym shirts, but I don’t go to the gym often enough for that sort of promise. I even have a shirt with a full body shot of Jared Padalecki. You probably think I’m joking.


But now that I’ve realized the issue, I can take steps to solve it. I’m not getting rid of this particular shirt (it’s got some sentimental value), but some of the others? To the Facebook ads!

I bought a shirt off Mack Weldon that I really liked a few months back. I didn’t write about it, because I had already done a Mack article, and it was too soon to start repeating myself. When I saw the ad for Buck Mason, I was like “2 named 3 syllable clothing company? Ooooh tell me more”. Then the Advertisement said “The Softest Shirt Ever!”, and I said “that’s a pretty big claim, Buck-o. I’ve had some seriously soft shirts in my day”. And at that point my credit card was already out, because I either need the softest shirt ever, or to be disappointed. How else does one sleep?

Buck Mason has a large array of options, but it’s pretty easy to find your way through. I knew I wanted t-shirts, so I went there and found the shirt they were advertising. I actually bought 2 different styles: the Crew Neck “Slub” Tee, at $28, and the aforementioned “softest” “Pacific Costa” Crew Tee at $42 dollars. Shipping was $5.
So, 42 dollars is a lot for a t-shirt. It isn’t branded, it’s a completely flat color, with no pattern or even a logo anywhere. 28 dollars is a little more on the nose. Either way, I bought them, because I needed to know what the softest shirt ever felt like. I want to be draped in velvet, if that were socially acceptable.

A guy who is obviously not me wearing the softest shirt ever. Note that he is not, in fact, draped in velvet.

The shirts came a few days later. Normal shipping, nothing special. I tried the shirts on, and at first I kinda hated them, but they were all creased and wrinkled from the shipping. Once washed, they fit nicely, and they are currently hanging in my closet. I gave an older shirt to my dog to lay on. She peed on it a few days later.

So, I know you’re asking in your head: “How was it? How was the softest shirt ever??”. It was just a shirt, dude. I think they’re going a little overboard on the softest ever piece: I’ve had softer shirts. Maybe it’s the softest one they’ve ever sold, I don’t know how they’re qualifying “ever”. For $75 dollars, I probably overpaid significantly for the shirts. But…I mean they’re still in the closet, I’m not going to return them. I like them.


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