Four Sigmatic Follow Up

I just want to do a quick follow up on my Four Sigmatic review. I originally bought a 30 pack of the Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga. I feel like I was a little harsh in my original review (I called it Dirt Coffee a few times, if I recall), so I figured I’d let you know the rest of my experience.


It’s been a few weeks now, and I’ve drank this at least once a day, to the point where I’m just about out of it. I did this because I wanted to not waste 39 dollars, but also that it felt a bit different, and I wanted to see if it was a placebo that would eventually wear off. Obviously, the stuff still has coffee in it, so there is a mild caffeine hit, but I do get a more calm, cool-headed feeling than I get from energy drinks. This could be due to the fact that I cut my caffeine consumption down to 1/5th of what it was. There’s not a huge drop off in energy levels, either.

The stuff has eventually grown on me. I haven’t had an energy drink since I started drinking it every morning. This is a big deal, as I’ve basically lived off the things for years. This stuff really works. I won’t lie, I do tend to grab a cold-brew coffee in the afternoon, still, but that’s mostly out of convenience: I’d drink a second cup if I didn’t have to boil water, and then wait for it to cool down enough for my sensitive lips.

I liked it so much that I just ordered more: 40 servings of the Lion’s Mane, and then another 40 servings of the Cordyceps type, which is supposed to have more energetic properties.

Use that discount code until maybe they’ll give me my own! (They won’t)

It still doesn’t taste great, to me. Honestly instant black coffee isn’t great either. But it’s effects are worth it, in my opinion. I’d really recommend giving it a shot.

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