You know those ads for watches or pants on Facebook that you mostly ignore? The point of this blog is that I don’t ignore them. I buy those products, so long as they interest me, and try to give an honest review of my experience. Hopefully that ends up entertaining. I’ll be venting my frustrations with Customer Service, and laying praise on the best products and services I find. I have a feeling the frustrations are funnier, but maybe you’ll buy something you really like because of what you read here. Either way, that’s what I’m writing about.

I might also post about other topics, because  you’re not the boss of me, About page. I’m a Software Engineer in Austin, TX, so I might write about that sometimes. Sometimes I read self help books so I can learn what to proselytize about at parties. I like making up grandiose stories about how I used to be in a boy band you vaguely remember, but can totally hear that one song in your head. I also cook from time to time. What I’m saying is I’m not married to the format.

Anyway, that’s what Thwiv will be about. I’m Thwiv. Follow me @thwiv on Twitter!

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